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X-Men '97: A Nostalgic Leap Back or a Step Too Far?

Dive into the world of "X-Men '97," the Disney+ animated series picking up where its legendary predecessor left off. This article explores whether the series, drenched in nostalgia and continuity, manages to keep pace with the rapidly evolving superhero genre or if it's a love letter to the past that struggles to find its place in today's landscape. Join us as we dissect the series' reception, its adherence to the original, and its significance in the broader context of superhero entertainment.

Top 6 Indie Comic Book Series You Haven't Heard Of (But Should)

Dive into the diverse universe of indie comics with our curated list of the top 6 series that promise fresh narratives, breathtaking art, and groundbreaking storytelling. From dark fantasies to heartfelt adventures, these hidden gems are a testament to the creative freedom and innovation thriving beyond the mainstream comic book industry.