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Gen Z: The New Old School - Saving, Thrifting, and Activating Change

Explore how Generation Z is embracing vintage styles, saving money, and leading collective actions, showcasing their surprising alignment with values of past generations. Discover how this "Throwback Generation" is reshaping cultural and economic landscapes with a blend of old-school sensibilities and modern tech savvy.

The Return of Facebook Pokes: A Nostalgic Feature Makes a Surprising Comeback

Discover the resurgence of Facebook's iconic Poke feature, making an unexpected comeback and capturing the attention of Generation Z. Explore how this nostalgic element is creating waves in the modern digital landscape.

Duran Duran: The Icons of New Wave and Synth-Pop

Dive into the legacy of Duran Duran, the iconic band that defined the New Wave and synth-pop era of the 80s. Explore their journey, groundbreaking music videos, and a list of hit songs that continue to resonate with fans around the world.

X-Men '97: A Nostalgic Leap Back or a Step Too Far?

Dive into the world of "X-Men '97," the Disney+ animated series picking up where its legendary predecessor left off. This article explores whether the series, drenched in nostalgia and continuity, manages to keep pace with the rapidly evolving superhero genre or if it's a love letter to the past that struggles to find its place in today's landscape. Join us as we dissect the series' reception, its adherence to the original, and its significance in the broader context of superhero entertainment.

Retro Vibes: 20 Amazing '70s Tracks Every Gen Z Should Jam To

Dive into the soulful echoes of the '70s with our curated list of 20 unforgettable tracks that defined a decade. From the revolutionary sounds of Bowie to the timeless tunes of Fleetwood Mac, these songs not only shaped an era but also continue to resonate with music lovers across generations. Uncover the stories behind each track and why they're a must-listen for Gen Z.

Back to the '80s: The Ultimate Playlist for Gen Z Ears

Embark on a musical journey back to the '80s with our curated list of 20 unforgettable tracks that every Gen Z music lover needs to experience. From groundbreaking synth-pop anthems to rock legends that defined a generation, discover the sounds that continue to influence today's hits. Dive into the stories behind each song and the iconic quotes that still resonate.

The '90s Soundtrack: A Gen Z Guide to the Decade's Best Hits

Step into the eclectic and transformative world of '90s music with a curated selection of 20 songs that defined a decade. From grunge to pop, and R&B to alternative rock, these tracks not only shaped an era but continue to inspire Gen Z listeners. Discover the stories behind the music and the memorable quotes that resonate across generations.

Bob Dylan Unveiled: 10 Timeless Tracks Every Gen Z Should Experience

Explore 10 essential Bob Dylan tracks that every Gen Z should know, featuring song meanings, quotes, and insights into the legendary musician's impact on music and culture.