As the world becomes more inclusive, there’s a growing recognition of the diverse spectrum of sexual and romantic identities. For those on the asexual (ace) and aromantic (aro) spectrum, finding relatable and informative content can be incredibly empowering. Podcasts offer an accessible and engaging medium to share stories, insights, and foster a sense of community. These audio shows not only provide education and representation but also help individuals feel less isolated. Here are seven exceptional podcasts that delve into asexual and aromantic identities, offering valuable education, representation, and a strong sense of belonging.

1. A OK

A OK is a weekly podcast that interviews people on the asexual and aromantic spectrums. Each episode features a new guest who shares their personal experiences and perspectives on topics like coming out, relationships, community, representation, and more.The podcast aims to provide education, visibility, and a sense of community for asexual and aromantic individuals. By highlighting diverse voices and stories, it helps combat feelings of isolation and shows that there are many ways to be ace or aro.A OK was created by Courtney Lang, who identifies as aromantic asexual. After struggling to find media that spoke to her experiences, she decided to start her own podcast in 2019. The show has developed a dedicated following and been praised for its insightful, affirming conversations.In addition to the guest interviews, A OK sometimes features special episodes on specific themes or current events related to asexual and aromantic identities. The podcast has been an important platform for aro/ace activism and advocacy efforts.

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2. Sounds Fake But Okay

Hosted by best friends Sarah Costello (aromantic asexual) and Kayla Kaszyca (demisexual straight), Sounds Fake But Okay is a long-running comedy podcast discussing love, relationships, sexuality and more from differing perspectives.The show started in 2017 after Costello came out as aroace and began asking Kaszyca questions about dating and romance that she didn't understand. Their humorous yet insightful conversations formed the basis of the podcast.Each week, Costello and Kaszyca riff on a new topic, from the appeal of sexting to deconstructing romantic tropes in media. They frequently go on tangents and bring on guests from inside and outside the aro/ace community.The hosts have been open about their evolving identities and sexualities over the course of the show. Kaszyca later realized she was biromantic, giving her a different lens on the topics they discuss.With its fun, unfiltered banter and deep dives into aro/ace experiences, Sounds Fake But Okay has cultivated a passionate following and been hailed for increasing understanding of asexual and aromantic identities.

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3. Ace Space

Ace Space is a podcast created by and for people on the asexual spectrum. Through a mix of solo episodes and guest interviews, it aims to be an educational resource covering the wide breadth of asexual identities, experiences and perspectives.The show explores everything from the basics of what asexuality is to more complex topics like the intersections of asexuality with gender, disability, kink and more. It centers the voices of ace individuals while also providing insight for those newly learning about asexuality.In addition to informative content, Ace Space features creative writing from aces, book reviews, and discussions of ace representation in media. The hosts strive to highlight diversity within the asexual community.While focused on asexuality, the podcast is open to exploring all orientations under the "asexual umbrella," such as demisexuality, graysexuality and others. It has been praised for its nuanced, in-depth approach to understanding the complexities of asexual identities.

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4. Aced It!

Aced It! is a weekly advice podcast hosted by Ryan Meier, who identifies as a aromantic asexual man. On each episode, Meier responds to listener-submitted questions about dating, relationships, sex and more from an aro/ace perspective.The questions come from people of all orientations and cover a wide range of situations and dilemmas. Meier draws from his own experiences and knowledge to provide thoughtful advice and insights that challenge societal assumptions about romance and sexuality.While much of the content is focused on aro/ace issues, Aced It! also explores universal topics around communication, boundaries, and navigating different relationship styles and dynamics. Meier takes a sex-positive, LGBTQ-inclusive approach.In addition to the advice segments, the show sometimes features interviews with notable figures in asexual activism and advocacy. Aced It! has been praised for its frank, non-judgmental discussions of topics often considered taboo.

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5. Aceterpretations

Aceterpretations is a unique podcast exploring asexuality through the lens of fandom and pop culture analysis. Each episode dives into how asexuality is represented (or misrepresented) across various fandoms, genres, and media properties.The hosts, who identify as asexual, dissect character arcs, plotlines, and themes from an acespec perspective. They analyze canonical asexual representation but also do queer readings of characters whose asexuality is more subtextual or up for interpretation.In addition to critiquing media, Aceterpretations discusses the experiences of asexual fans engaging with fandoms and fan communities that are often hyper-focused on romance and sexuality. It examines issues like access, inclusion, and feeling alienated from fandom spaces.The podcast celebrates examples of positive asexual representation while also highlighting the prevalence of acephobic tropes and stereotypes across media. With its insightful analysis, Aceterpretations has become a vital resource for aces in fandom.

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6. We Need Sp(Ace)

We Need Sp(Ace) is a podcast dedicated entirely to in-depth discussions and explorations of asexuality in its many forms. Through a mix of solo shows and guest interviews, the hosts provide comprehensive education on the asexual spectrum.Episodes cover everything from the basics of what asexuality is to more nuanced identities like demisexuality, graysexuality, and aceflux. The show dives into topics like navigating relationships across the spectrum, coming out, discrimination, and finding community.In addition, We Need Sp(Ace) examines the intersections of asexuality with other identities and experiences related to gender, race, disability, neurodivergence, kink, and more. The hosts aim to highlight the diversity within asexual communities.With its extensive catalog covering all facets of asexual life and identity, We Need Sp(Ace) has become an invaluable resource for those who are ace, questioning, or wanting to learn more. It provides in-depth education from an acespec perspective.

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7. The Ace Couple

The Ace Couple is a podcast hosted by the married duo of Courtney and Royce Lang, who both identify as aromantic asexual. On each episode, they discuss topics related to asexuality, aromanticism, relationships, and queer culture and history.With their personal dynamic as an aro/ace couple, Courtney and Royce offer a unique perspective into navigating romantic relationships without experiencing sexual or romantic attraction themselves. They explore the complexities and nuances of these identities.The show covers a wide range of subjects, from deconstructing common misconceptions to analyzing media representation to sharing personal stories from their lives and other community members. Courtney and Royce take an educational yet humorous approach to their discussions.In addition to being a leading voice for aro/ace representation, The Ace Couple podcast has been praised for its intersectional lens, looking at how asexuality and aromanticism intersect with other identities and experiences.

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These podcasts offer invaluable resources and communities for those exploring or living with asexual and aromantic identities. Whether you're seeking education, representation, or just a good laugh, these shows have got you covered.

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May 19, 2024

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