Hey there, binge-watchers! If you’ve ever found yourself glued to your screen, losing track of time while devouring episode after episode, this one’s for you. We’ve compiled the ultimate collection of Netflix jokes that will make every Gen Z fan laugh out loud. Whether you're into Stranger Things, Bridgerton, or The Witcher, these jokes celebrate the quirks of our favorite shows and our binge-watching habits. So grab your popcorn, get comfy, and prepare to LOL with these 80 Netflix jokes!

1-10: Stranger Things Shenanigans

  1. Why don’t the kids in Stranger Things ever get lost?
    Because they always follow the “MAP”!
  2. What’s Eleven’s favorite kind of music?
  3. Why did the Demogorgon apply for a job?
    Because it wanted to get a “Monster” paycheck!
  4. What did Mike say to Eleven on Valentine’s Day?
    "You turn my world upside down!"
  5. Why was Dustin’s science project so cool?
    Because it was out of this “world”!
  6. What does Hopper use to keep his house secure?
    “Eggo” alarms!
  7. How does Will stay warm in the Upside Down?
    With a “blanket” of mystery!
  8. What’s Steve’s favorite hairstyle?
    The “high” top!
  9. Why did Lucas get a new flashlight?
    To “shine” in the dark!
  10. What’s Eleven’s favorite snack?
    Anything with “eggos”!

11-20: Bridgerton Banter

  1. Why did Daphne bring a ladder to the ball?
    To reach new “heights” of gossip!
  2. What’s Lady Whistledown’s favorite activity?
    “Spilling” the tea!
  3. Why did the Duke start a garden?
    To “plant” some new rumors!
  4. What’s Eloise’s favorite class?
    “History” because it’s full of drama!
  5. How does Simon stay fit?
    By running “circles” around the ton!
  6. What did Daphne say to Simon at the market?
    "You’re a ‘perfect match’ for me!"
  7. Why don’t Bridgerton characters play cards?
    Because they’re always “dealing” with drama!
  8. What’s Anthony’s favorite breakfast?
    “Sibling” rivalry toast!
  9. Why did Penelope buy a new pen?
    To “write” more secrets!
  10. How does Lady Danbury keep her secrets?
    Under “lock” and key!

21-30: The Witcher Wit

  1. Why did Geralt start a band?
    To get some “monster” hits!
  2. What’s Yennefer’s favorite spell?
  3. Why did Geralt bring a sword to the party?
    To “cut” through the tension!
  4. What’s Jaskier’s favorite type of music?
    “Bard” rock!
  5. Why don’t Witchers play hide and seek?
    Because they always “track” you down!
  6. What did Geralt say to Roach after a long day?
    "You’re my ‘mane’ support!"
  7. Why did Yennefer start a book club?
    To “spell” out good times!
  8. What’s Geralt’s favorite drink?
    “Potion” of power!
  9. Why did the monster cross the road?
    To “challenge” the Witcher!
  10. What’s Geralt’s favorite holiday?

31-40: Money Heist Humor

  1. Why did the Professor go to art school?
    To learn how to “draw” plans!
  2. What’s Tokyo’s favorite city?
  3. Why did Berlin buy a new watch?
    To stay “timed” for the heist!
  4. How does Nairobi stay organized?
    With “money” management!
  5. What’s the Professor’s favorite game?
  6. Why did Rio start a band?
    To “play” his heart out!
  7. What’s Helsinki’s favorite workout?
    “Vault” training!
  8. Why did the heist crew get new shoes?
    To stay “sneaky”!
  9. What’s Denver’s favorite snack?
    “Laugh” taffy!
  10. Why did the Professor get a dog?
    To “plan” fetch!

41-50: Outer Banks Outbursts

  1. Why don’t the Pogues ever get lost?
    Because they always follow the “gold”!
  2. What’s John B’s favorite drink?
    “Treasure” tea!
  3. Why did Sarah start a bakery?
    To make “rich” pastries!
  4. What’s JJ’s favorite sport?
    “Treasure” hunting!
  5. How do the Pogues stay cool in summer?
    With “sea-breezes”!
  6. What’s Kiara’s favorite animal?
    A “treasure” tortoise!
  7. Why did Pope start a library?
    To “shelve” the mysteries!
  8. What’s John B’s favorite song?
    “Gold” digger!
  9. Why don’t the Pogues play chess?
    Because they’re always after “checkmate”!
  10. What’s Sarah’s favorite holiday?

51-60: Tiger King Tickles

  1. Why did Joe Exotic bring a camera to the zoo?
    To “capture” the wild moments!
  2. What’s Carole Baskin’s favorite dance?
    The “cat-walk”!
  3. Why did Joe start a podcast?
    To “broadcast” his roars!
  4. What’s Joe Exotic’s favorite drink?
    “Tiger” tea!
  5. Why don’t tigers play poker?
    Because they’re always “lion”!
  6. What’s Carole’s favorite type of music?
  7. Why did Joe buy a new hat?
    To stay “ahead” in the zoo!
  8. What’s Carole’s favorite sport?
  9. Why did the tiger cross the road?
    To “pounce” on the other side!
  10. What’s Joe Exotic’s favorite movie?
    “The Lion King”!

61-70: The Crown Comedy

  1. Why did Queen Elizabeth go to art class?
    To perfect her “royal” portraits!
  2. What’s Prince Philip’s favorite car?
    A “royal” ride!
  3. Why did Charles start gardening?
    To grow “majestic” flowers!
  4. What’s the Queen’s favorite dessert?
    “Royal” pudding!
  5. How does the royal family stay in shape?
    With “crown” fitness!
  6. What’s the Queen’s favorite game?
    “Throne” chess!
  7. Why don’t royals play hide and seek?
    Because they’re always “spotted”!
  8. What did the Queen say to the butler?
    "You’re a ‘crowning’ achievement!"
  9. Why did Princess Diana start a charity?
    To spread “royal” kindness!
  10. What’s Prince Charles’s favorite book?
    “Crowning” glory!

71-80: General Netflix Nods

  1. Why don’t Netflix shows get lost?
    Because they always have “streaming” directions!
  2. What’s a binge-watcher’s favorite candy?
  3. Why did the Netflix user break up with cable?
    Because they found something “streamier”!
  4. How does Netflix stay organized?
    With a “watch-list”!
  5. What’s a Netflix user’s favorite workout?
    “Binge” press!
  6. Why don’t Netflix users sleep?
    Because there’s always “one more episode”!
  7. What did the Netflix user say after a marathon?
    "I’ve been ‘screened’ out!"
  8. How does Netflix stay cool?
    With “stream” fans!
  9. Why did the Netflix show get an award?
    For “outstanding” performance!
  10. What’s a Netflix user’s favorite season?
    “Binge-watching” season!

Keep shining, Netflix fans! We hope these 80 jokes brought a smile to your face and a laugh to your day. Binge-watching isn’t just about consuming content; it’s about sharing laughs, memorable moments, and the joy of discovering new stories. So, keep those laughs coming and stay connected for more hilarious content and insights from the world of streaming and entertainment at Woke Waves Magazine.

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Jun 25, 2024

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