Adam Sandler, a versatile actor known for his comedic genius and unexpected dramatic depth, has left an indelible mark on Hollywood with a mix of laugh-out-loud comedies and poignant dramas. From his early days on "Saturday Night Live" to his box office hits and critically acclaimed performances, Sandler's career is a testament to his broad appeal and ability to connect with audiences worldwide. Here are some of his most unforgettable roles that showcase his range as an actor.

1. Happy Gilmore in "Happy Gilmore" (1996)

In "Happy Gilmore," Adam Sandler plays the titular character, Happy Gilmore, a failed hockey player with a powerful slapshot but no career prospects. Desperate to save his grandmother’s house from foreclosure, Happy discovers a talent for golf, albeit with an unorthodox approach. His aggressive hockey style translates into powerful drives, setting him apart from traditional golfers. Sandler's portrayal of Happy is a delightful blend of slapstick humor and heartfelt determination. The film's comedic highlights include Happy's infamous fistfight with game show host Bob Barker and his outrageous antics on the golf course. Despite his rough edges and explosive temper, Happy’s genuine love for his grandmother and his determination to succeed endear him to the audience. Sandler’s performance in "Happy Gilmore" showcases his ability to balance humor with emotion, creating a character who is both hilariously unpredictable and deeply relatable. The film remains a cult classic, cementing Sandler’s status as a leading man in comedy.

2. Billy Madison in "Billy Madison" (1995)

In "Billy Madison," Adam Sandler takes on the role of Billy Madison, a spoiled man-child who must repeat grades 1-12 to prove himself worthy of inheriting his father’s hotel empire. Billy's journey is a comedic tour de force, filled with absurd scenarios and hilarious interactions with teachers and classmates. Sandler's portrayal of Billy is both outrageous and endearing, as he brings a unique blend of innocence and immaturity to the character. The film is peppered with memorable moments, from Billy’s antics on the playground to his unforgettable academic decathlon showdown. Sandler’s ability to infuse his character with both humor and heart makes Billy's quest for redemption compelling. As Billy navigates the challenges of elementary school, middle school, and high school, he learns valuable life lessons about responsibility, friendship, and self-worth. Sandler’s performance in "Billy Madison" not only solidified his reputation as a comedic powerhouse but also highlighted his talent for playing characters who grow and evolve in surprising ways. The film’s quirky humor and Sandler’s magnetic performance have made "Billy Madison" a beloved classic in his filmography.

3. Robbie Hart in "The Wedding Singer" (1998)

In "The Wedding Singer," Adam Sandler steps into the shoes of Robbie Hart, a charismatic and lovable wedding singer in the 1980s who dreams of making it big in the music industry. Robbie's life takes a turn when he is left heartbroken at the altar by his fiancée. Despite his personal turmoil, Robbie continues to perform at weddings, where his genuine and humorous nature shines through, making him a beloved figure among guests and friends alike.

Sandler's performance is a perfect blend of humor and heart, capturing the essence of a man who is both funny and deeply romantic. The chemistry between Sandler and Drew Barrymore, who plays Julia, a kind-hearted waitress engaged to the wrong man, is palpable and adds a layer of sweetness to the film. As Robbie helps Julia plan her wedding, he falls in love with her, leading to a series of comedic and touching moments that highlight Sandler's ability to convey vulnerability and warmth.

"The Wedding Singer" is not just a romantic comedy; it's a nostalgic trip back to the '80s, complete with an iconic soundtrack that complements the era's vibrant fashion and culture. Sandler's portrayal of Robbie Hart is endearing, making him a memorable character who finds love and redemption in the most unexpected of places.

4. Sonny Koufax in "Big Daddy" (1999)

In "Big Daddy," Adam Sandler plays Sonny Koufax, a laid-back and irresponsible man who unexpectedly finds himself the caretaker of a young boy named Julian. Initially, Sonny takes on this role to impress his girlfriend, hoping that demonstrating responsibility will win her back. However, as he navigates the challenges of parenthood, Sonny's journey becomes one of personal growth and self-discovery.

Sandler’s portrayal of Sonny is a masterclass in balancing comedy with heartfelt moments. His character starts as a quintessential slacker, using unconventional and often humorous methods to care for Julian. From letting Julian choose his own name to teaching him quirky habits, Sonny's unorthodox parenting style initially appears comedic but soon reveals deeper layers of affection and commitment.

As the film progresses, Sonny's bond with Julian deepens, showcasing Sandler's ability to convey genuine emotion and warmth. The courtroom scene, where Sonny fights for custody of Julian, is particularly poignant, highlighting the transformation of his character from a carefree bachelor to a devoted father figure.

"Big Daddy" is more than just a comedy; it’s a story about the unexpected ways life challenges us to grow up and take responsibility. Sandler’s performance as Sonny Koufax is both hilarious and touching, making "Big Daddy" a standout film in his career that resonates with audiences of all ages.

5. Howard Ratner in "Uncut Gems" (2019)

In "Uncut Gems," Adam Sandler delivers a powerhouse performance as Howard Ratner, a charismatic yet deeply flawed New York City jeweler with a penchant for high-stakes gambling. This role marks a significant departure from Sandler's typical comedic fare, showcasing his dramatic acting chops in a gripping thriller. Howard is a man constantly on the edge, juggling debts, relationships, and his own reckless ambition. His life spirals into chaos as he places a series of risky bets, believing that one big win will solve all his problems.

Sandler's portrayal of Howard is intense and electrifying. He brings a frenetic energy to the character, capturing Howard's desperation and relentless drive. The Safdie brothers, who directed the film, create a tense and claustrophobic atmosphere that mirrors Howard's chaotic life, with Sandler's performance at the heart of this turmoil. His portrayal earned critical acclaim, with many considering it one of the best performances of his career.

"Uncut Gems" is a high-octane, anxiety-inducing ride from start to finish, with Sandler's Howard Ratner at its volatile core. This film not only redefined Sandler's career but also solidified his status as a versatile actor capable of delivering deeply compelling dramatic performances.

6. Danny Meyerowitz in "The Meyerowitz Stories" (2017)

In "The Meyerowitz Stories," Adam Sandler plays Danny Meyerowitz, an unemployed musician struggling with the shadow of his successful artist father, played by Dustin Hoffman. Directed by Noah Baumbach, the film delves into the complex dynamics of a dysfunctional family, exploring themes of legacy, resentment, and reconciliation. Sandler’s performance as Danny is understated yet profoundly moving, showcasing his ability to convey deep emotional vulnerability.

Danny is a character weighed down by unmet expectations and personal failures. Sandler brings a nuanced sensitivity to the role, capturing Danny’s frustration and longing for his father’s approval. His interactions with his siblings, played by Ben Stiller and Elizabeth Marvel, reveal layers of sibling rivalry and camaraderie, adding depth to the family’s portrayal.

One of the standout moments in the film is Danny’s tender relationship with his daughter, Eliza, played by Grace Van Patten. Their bond provides a counterpoint to the strained family dynamics, highlighting Danny’s capacity for love and connection despite his own insecurities.

Sandler’s portrayal in "The Meyerowitz Stories" earned widespread critical acclaim, affirming his versatility and depth as an actor. His performance is a poignant reminder of his talent for capturing the complexity of human emotions, making Danny Meyerowitz one of his most memorable and affecting roles.

7. Charlie Fineman in "Reign Over Me" (2007)

In "Reign Over Me," Adam Sandler takes on one of his most dramatic roles as Charlie Fineman, a man devastated by the loss of his family in the 9/11 attacks. This role marks a significant departure from Sandler’s typical comedic persona, showcasing his ability to deliver a deeply emotional and nuanced performance. Charlie, once a successful dentist, has become a recluse, struggling with profound grief and post-traumatic stress.

Sandler's portrayal of Charlie is both heartbreaking and powerful. He captures the raw pain and isolation of a man who has lost everything, making Charlie’s journey towards healing deeply affecting. The film explores themes of friendship and recovery, with Don Cheadle playing Alan Johnson, Charlie’s old college roommate who re-enters his life. Their rekindled friendship becomes a central pillar of the narrative, providing moments of hope and connection amidst the sorrow.

Sandler's performance is marked by its sensitivity and depth, earning praise from critics and audiences alike. His ability to convey the complexities of grief, while also showing glimpses of Charlie’s former self, makes this role one of his most compelling. "Reign Over Me" is a poignant exploration of loss and resilience, with Sandler’s powerful performance at its heart.

8. Dave Buznik in "Anger Management" (2003)

In "Anger Management," Adam Sandler stars as Dave Buznik, a mild-mannered businessman who finds himself wrongly sentenced to an anger management program after a misunderstanding on an airplane. This comedy pairs Sandler with the legendary Jack Nicholson, who plays Dr. Buddy Rydell, an unconventional therapist with unorthodox methods. The dynamic between Sandler and Nicholson creates a hilarious and engaging contrast, with Sandler playing the straight man to Nicholson’s wild and unpredictable character.

Sandler's performance as Dave is a perfect blend of restraint and comedic timing. Dave is a character who suppresses his anger and avoids confrontation, making his journey through the anger management program both humorous and relatable. Sandler’s ability to portray Dave’s increasing frustration and confusion, while maintaining his inherent likability, is key to the film’s success.

The film’s comedic highlights include a series of absurd and escalating scenarios orchestrated by Dr. Rydell to provoke and push Dave out of his comfort zone. From impromptu therapy sessions in public places to chaotic group therapy encounters, Sandler expertly navigates these situations, delivering laughs while also exploring the theme of personal growth.

"Anger Management" is a standout comedy that showcases Sandler’s talent for playing an everyman caught in extraordinary circumstances. His chemistry with Nicholson and his ability to balance humor with moments of genuine emotion make Dave Buznik a memorable and beloved character in his filmography.

9. Donny Berger in "That's My Boy" (2012)

In "That's My Boy," Adam Sandler takes on the role of Donny Berger, a former teenage sensation who fathered a son, Todd, with his teacher while still in high school. The film explores the consequences of Donny's teenage fame and his struggles as an adult who never quite grew up. Sandler's portrayal of Donny is marked by his signature blend of outrageous humor and unexpected moments of heartfelt emotion.

Donny is a character living off his past glory, with little regard for responsibility or maturity. When he learns that he owes a large sum of money to the IRS, he tries to reconnect with his estranged son Todd, played by Andy Samberg, hoping to solve his financial troubles by crashing Todd's wedding. Sandler's comedic timing shines through as Donny's wild and inappropriate behavior clashes with Todd's more buttoned-up lifestyle, leading to a series of hilarious and chaotic events.

Despite its raunchy humor, "That's My Boy" also touches on themes of redemption and family. Sandler manages to infuse Donny with a sense of vulnerability, making the audience root for his character's unlikely redemption. His chemistry with Samberg adds depth to their strained father-son relationship, providing a comedic yet touching look at the challenges of reconciliation and personal growth.

10. Dracula in "Hotel Transylvania" (2012)

In the animated film "Hotel Transylvania," Adam Sandler lends his voice to Dracula, the charismatic and overprotective owner of a lavish hotel for monsters. This role allowed Sandler to explore a different medium, showcasing his vocal talents and comedic flair in an animated setting. Dracula is a loving father to his daughter, Mavis, and goes to great lengths to protect her from the human world, which he believes is dangerous for monsters.

Sandler brings a delightful mix of humor and warmth to Dracula, making him both a formidable vampire and a doting dad. His comedic timing and expressive voice work breathe life into the character, creating a Dracula who is both hilarious and endearing. The film's success owes much to Sandler's ability to balance the character's over-the-top personality with genuine moments of fatherly love and concern.

The dynamic between Dracula and Mavis, played by Selena Gomez, adds emotional depth to the film, as Dracula learns to let go and accept that his daughter wants to explore the world beyond the hotel. Sandler's portrayal of Dracula is further enhanced by the film's witty dialogue and engaging storyline, making "Hotel Transylvania" a hit with both children and adults.

"Hotel Transylvania" spawned multiple sequels, cementing Sandler's Dracula as an iconic character in animated cinema. His performance showcases his versatility and appeal across different genres and audiences, solidifying his status as a beloved figure in both live-action and animated films.

11. Henry Roth in "50 First Dates" (2004)

In "50 First Dates," Adam Sandler plays Henry Roth, a marine veterinarian living in Hawaii with a commitment-phobic lifestyle. Henry’s life takes a turn when he meets Lucy Whitmore, played by Drew Barrymore, who suffers from short-term memory loss due to a car accident. Every day, Lucy forgets the events of the previous day, meaning Henry must win her heart anew every morning.

Sandler's portrayal of Henry is both charming and earnest. His character is a departure from the typical commitment-phobe as he becomes dedicated to making Lucy fall in love with him daily, demonstrating his unwavering love and determination. The film balances humor with heartfelt moments, allowing Sandler to showcase his ability to blend comedy with romance effectively.

The on-screen chemistry between Sandler and Barrymore, previously seen in "The Wedding Singer," is palpable and adds depth to their characters' relationship. Henry’s inventive and sometimes outlandish methods to win Lucy over are both amusing and touching, highlighting Sandler’s knack for playing roles that require both comedic timing and emotional depth.

"50 First Dates" is a unique romantic comedy that explores themes of love, memory, and perseverance. Sandler’s performance as Henry Roth is memorable for its blend of humor, romance, and genuine affection, making it a standout in his filmography.

12. Michael Newman in "Click" (2006)

In "Click," Adam Sandler stars as Michael Newman, an overworked architect who stumbles upon a universal remote control that allows him to pause, rewind, and fast-forward through different parts of his life. Initially, Michael uses the remote to skip through mundane tasks and conflicts, but he soon realizes that manipulating time has unintended consequences.

Sandler’s role in "Click" is a blend of comedy and drama, showcasing his versatility as an actor. At the outset, Michael is a typical workaholic, neglecting his family in pursuit of career success. As the remote allows him to skip through life's less pleasant moments, he becomes disconnected from his own experiences and relationships.

Sandler effectively portrays Michael’s journey from comedic misuse of the remote to the emotional realization of what he has lost. The film’s turning point is marked by Michael's deep regret and desperate attempt to reconnect with his family. Sandler’s performance is particularly poignant in the film’s dramatic moments, highlighting the character’s vulnerability and longing for redemption.

"Click" is not just a comedy but a cautionary tale about the importance of living in the moment and cherishing time with loved ones. Sandler’s ability to navigate the film’s shifts in tone—from humorous escapades to heartfelt drama—demonstrates his range and depth as an actor, making Michael Newman one of his most complex and memorable roles.

Adam Sandler's career highlights his versatility, from his iconic comedic roles that have become a staple of American humor to his compelling dramatic performances that reveal a deeper layer to his talents. His ability to navigate between genres while maintaining his unique charm is a testament to his lasting impact on the film industry.

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