Baseball, America's pastime, has seen its fair share of legendary pitchers, but only a select few can claim to have thrown some of the fastest pitches ever recorded in MLB history. The quest for speed is relentless, with pitchers constantly pushing the limits of human ability. Here, we celebrate the elite group whose fastballs have left batters and fans alike in awe. Let's take a closer look at the top 10 fastest pitches ever thrown in the major leagues.

1. Aroldis Chapman - 105.1 mph

Aroldis Chapman, famously known as the "Cuban Missile," etched his name in MLB history by throwing an astounding fastball that reached 105.1 mph against the San Diego Padres in September 2010. This pitch is celebrated as the fastest ever recorded in the major leagues. Chapman’s incredible feat occurred during his rookie season, setting a formidable tone for his career. His ability to consistently deliver pitches over 100 mph has not only dazzled fans and intimidated batters but also redefined expectations for closing pitchers in the modern era. Chapman’s fastball, which combines both speed and movement, remains a subject of fascination and analysis, as it encapsulates the sheer power and skill that top-level baseball demands.

2. Jordan Hicks - 105.0 mph

Jordan Hicks, known for his explosive pitching style, came remarkably close to breaking Chapman’s record by delivering a 105.0 mph sinker to Odubel Herrera of the Philadelphia Phillies in May 2018. Hicks' pitch, delivered with a ferocious sinking action, underscores his reputation for combining speed with devastating pitch movement. At just 21 years old at the time, Hicks' arm strength was a standout in major league baseball, showcasing the raw talent and potential of younger players in the league. This particular pitch not only highlighted his exceptional skill set but also sparked conversations about the limits of pitching velocity and the future capabilities of MLB pitchers.

3. Aroldis Chapman (Again) - 104.4 mph

Aroldis Chapman solidifies his legendary status by appearing again on this list with a 104.4 mph fastball thrown in a July 2016 game against the Baltimore Orioles. This remarkable pitch further cemented Chapman’s reputation as one of the game’s all-time great fireballers. His ability to repeatedly deliver pitches at such extreme velocities is a testament to his exceptional physical conditioning and technical precision. Chapman’s consistent performance over the years has not only made him a pivotal player for his teams but also a benchmark for aspiring pitchers worldwide, demonstrating that extreme speed can be a sustainable and defining feature of a successful pitching career.

4. Nolan Ryan - 104.1 mph

Nolan Ryan, an iconic figure in baseball, is renowned not only for his longevity in the sport but also for his incredible pitching speed. In 1974, during one of his games, Ryan delivered a fastball recorded at 104.1 mph—a remarkable feat considering the era's less sophisticated speed-measuring technologies. This pitch has been a topic of much discussion, as it stands as one of the fastest ever thrown in MLB history, despite the potential inaccuracies of earlier measurement methods. Ryan’s fastball was a critical component of his arsenal, helping him to a record seven no-hitters and more than 5,700 strikeouts over his 27-year career. His ability to maintain high velocity throughout his long tenure in the majors is a testament to his exceptional strength and conditioning regimen.

5. Bob Feller - 104.0 mph

Bob Feller's fastball, which reached 104.0 mph as measured by Army ordnance devices during a demonstration in 1946, remains one of the legendary feats in baseball history. While some skepticism exists regarding the measurement techniques of the time, Feller's pitch is still celebrated among the fastest ever documented. Known as "Rapid Robert," Feller's fastball helped him secure a place as one of the most dominant pitchers of his era. His career was marked by three no-hitters and 12 one-hitters, making him a benchmark for speed and precision in pitching. Feller’s achievements during an era with less emphasis on speed specialization highlight his natural talent and trailblazing impact on the game.

6. Joel Zumaya - 103.9 mph

In the 2006 ALCS, Joel Zumaya thrilled fans with a fastball that clocked in at 103.9 mph, marking him as one of the most feared pitchers in terms of arm strength during his career. Zumaya's fastball was not only fast but also known for its sheer power, which often overwhelmed batters. His ability to consistently deliver pitches at such high velocities made him a key asset for the Detroit Tigers, particularly during their playoff runs. Unfortunately, Zumaya's career was plagued by injuries, often attributed to his intense pitching style, which ultimately shortened the time he spent at the peak of his game. Despite this, his brief but memorable career left a lasting impression on the game, symbolizing the physical limits to which pitchers can push themselves.

7. Neftali Feliz - 103.4 mph

Neftali Feliz marked his entry into the elite group of pitchers with a scorching 103.4 mph fastball during the 2010 ALCS. This remarkable speed not only showcased his tremendous arm strength but also his ability to perform under pressure, solidifying his status as one of the top closers in the game at that time. Feliz’s fastball was a key component of his arsenal, contributing significantly to his success, including securing the 2010 AL Rookie of the Year award. His ability to dominate in the closing role, especially during critical postseason games, was pivotal for the Texas Rangers' success, helping them reach the World Series that year. Feliz's fastball, characterized by both high velocity and sharp execution, made him a formidable opponent on the mound.

8. Jeurys Familia - 103.3 mph

Jeurys Familia, known for his powerful sinker, reached a career-high velocity of 103.3 mph in a game against the Atlanta Braves in 2015. This pitch exemplified his ability to combine speed with devastating movement, making him one of the most effective closers in Major League Baseball at the time. Familia's fastball was instrumental in his role as the New York Mets' closer, particularly during their run to the World Series in 2015. His high-velocity pitches were not just about overpowering batters but also about inducing ground balls, capitalizing on the sinker’s downward action to secure outs. Familia's ability to maintain such high speeds with precision highlighted his skill and contributed significantly to his reputation as a top reliever.

9. Mauricio Cabrera - 103.2 mph

Mauricio Cabrera, although less known compared to others on this list, made headlines when he threw a 103.2 mph fastball in 2016. His rapid ascent in pitch speed caught many by surprise and underscored his potential as a significant bullpen asset for the Atlanta Braves. Cabrera's fastball was notable not just for its velocity but also for the ease with which he seemed to deliver it, combining both power and a relaxed pitching style. This blend of attributes brought a fresh dynamic to the Braves' pitching staff during his tenure. Despite facing challenges with consistency and control, Cabrera's peak speeds demonstrated his raw potential and hinted at what he could achieve with refined mechanics and continued development in the majors.

10. Billy Wagner - 103.1 mph

Billy Wagner, despite his smaller stature compared to the typical power pitcher, defied expectations by consistently delivering fastballs that broke the 100 mph mark, peaking at an impressive 103.1 mph in a game in 2003. Wagner's ability to generate such extraordinary velocity stemmed from his explosive pitching mechanics and incredible arm speed, distinguishing him as one of the hardest throwers in baseball history. Over his illustrious career, Wagner amassed 422 saves, placing him sixth all-time among MLB closers. His fastball, feared by hitters across the league, was a key component of his success, enabling him to dominate late-game situations and retire batters with remarkable efficiency. Wagner’s performance remains a testament to the fact that power on the mound isn't solely the domain of the physically imposing, showcasing how technique, timing, and tenacity can equally contribute to pitching prowess.

The Quest for Speed

These pitchers have profoundly impacted the game, not solely through their remarkable velocity but also through their commanding presence on the mound. Their fastballs have become the stuff of legends, allowing them to dominate and control the dynamics of the game with unmatched precision. As advances in technology and training methods continue to push the boundaries of what athletes can achieve, it's likely that the records these elite pitchers hold today might be surpassed. However, for the moment, these titans of speed maintain their prestigious positions at the pinnacle of MLB history, setting a high bar for future generations striving for greatness.

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Feb 24, 2024

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