North Albania, with its breathtaking landscapes and rich cultural heritage, has emerged as a hidden gem for family vacations. In 2024, this less-traveled region offers an array of activities that are perfect for families seeking adventure, culture, and natural beauty. Here’s a look at the top things to see and do with your kids in North Albania.

1. Explore the Valbona Valley National Park

Adventure begins in the Valbona Valley National Park, a haven for nature lovers. Families can enjoy hiking trails with varying difficulty levels, witness stunning mountain scenery, and discover the diverse flora and fauna of the Albanian Alps.

2. Visit the Historical City of Shkodër

Shkodër, one of the oldest cities in Albania, offers a blend of history and culture. Visit the Rozafa Castle for a lesson in history and enjoy spectacular views of the city and Lake Shkodër.

3. Canoeing in Lake Koman

An unforgettable experience for families is canoeing in Lake Koman. The journey through the lake's crystal-clear waters is surrounded by dramatic cliffs and lush greenery, offering a peaceful escape and an opportunity to connect with nature.

4. Discover the Theth National Park

Theth National Park is a paradise for young explorers. From the Grunas Waterfall to the Blue Eye of Theth, the park is filled with natural wonders that are sure to captivate children and adults alike.

5. Cycling Tours in the Countryside

Take a family cycling tour through the Albanian countryside. It's a great way to explore the rural landscapes, traditional villages, and meet friendly locals.

6. Visit Traditional Kulla Houses

Experience traditional Albanian life by visiting a Kulla, a type of fortified house unique to the region. Some Kullas have been converted into guesthouses, offering a unique stay experience.

7. Taste Local Albanian Cuisine

Introduce your kids to Albanian cuisine by trying local dishes like Fërgesë, Tavë Kosi, and fresh seafood by the Adriatic coast. It’s a delicious way to learn about the country’s culture and traditions.

North Albania in 2024 is an ideal destination for families looking to venture off the beaten path. From its stunning natural parks to its rich historical sites, there is something to spark the curiosity and excitement of both kids and adults, making for a truly memorable family vacation.

Feb 2, 2024

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