As digital natives, Gen Z has a unique perspective on the world, and when it comes to Millennials, their observations can be both sharp and hilariously on point. Here’s a compilation of 60 jokes by Gen Z poking fun at the quirks and habits of the Millennial generation.

1. How many Millennials does it take to screw in a lightbulb? Just one, but they’ll need to post about it on Instagram first.

2. Why did the Millennial refuse to drink tap water? It wasn’t filtered through an app.

3. What’s a Millennial’s favorite board game? Monopoly, but where you just pay rent and never actually buy anything.

4. Why don’t Millennials tell secrets in gardens? They’re afraid the plants might spill the beans and become influencers.

5. How does a Millennial make a phone call? They don’t. What’s a phone call?

6. Why did the Millennial bring a ladder to the coffee shop? They heard the Wi-Fi was stronger on the upper level.

7. What do Millennials use as birth control? Their personalities.

8. Why do Millennials love stars? They need something else to blame their failures on besides their zodiac signs.

9. Why can’t Millennials save money? They think ‘direct deposit’ means buying direct trade coffee.

10. What’s a Millennial’s idea of a balanced diet? An avocado in each hand.

11. Why was the Millennial staring at the juice carton? Because it said ‘concentrate’ and that’s more than their boss gets.

12. How many Millennials does it take to start a protest? None, they just make a hashtag.

13. Why don’t Millennials mind robot vacuums? They’re just glad someone (or something) is picking up after them.

14. How do you confuse a Millennial? Tell them they have to pay for their own Netflix account.

15. What do you call a group of Millennials? A debt.

16. Why do Millennials prefer their coffee iced? To match their personalities.

17. Why did the Millennial get fired from the M&M factory? For throwing out the W’s.

18. What’s a Millennial’s favorite way to shop? By asking their parents for money.

19. Why do Millennials make terrible spies? They can’t go two minutes without sharing everything on social media.

20. How do you keep a Millennial entertained? Give them a room full of mirrors to take selfies in.

21. What’s the Millennial version of a bedtime story? A podcast about mindfulness.

22. Why are Millennials great at social distancing? They’ve been avoiding contact with savings accounts their whole lives.

23. How does a Millennial turn on the light after changing a bulb? They open their camera app.

24. Why do Millennials love space so much? It’s the only thing they believe they can actually afford.

25. What’s the Millennial motto? "Will work for travel."

26. Why do Millennials talk to their plants? They need someone else in their lives who’s also struggling to grow up.

27. How does a Millennial diet? They eat all their meals in front of a computer while lamenting the calories.

28. Why do Millennials love clouds? They’re the only things that have more storage issues than they do.

29. What do you call a Millennial who can cook? An urban legend.

30. How do Millennials decorate their homes? With unpaid internships and student loans statements.

31. Why do Millennials always say "I can't even"? Because odd numbers remind them of their bank balance.

32. What’s a Millennial’s favorite exercise? Jumping to conclusions about their future based on their horoscope.

33. Why are Millennials bad at hide and seek? Because good luck hiding when you’ve already geotagged your location.

34. How do you make a Millennial's day? Cancel their student loan debt—or just cancel something.

35. Why did the Millennial write a think piece? Because their opinion wasn’t trending yet.

36. What’s a Millennial’s life motto? "Will work for avocados."

37. Why do Millennials love brunch? Because facing reality is easier when you’re not sober.

38. How do you know a Millennial is on vacation? Don’t worry, they’ll post about it.

39. What do Millennials and zombies have in common? They both wander aimlessly and thrive on brains - or brainy podcasts, at least.

40. Why did the Millennial refuse to swim in the ocean? Too salty, just like their attitude towards work.

41. How do you get a Millennial to marry you? Tell them your vows are a list of anxiety-reducing tips.

42. Why don’t Millennials buy homes? They’d rather live in denial, it’s cheaper.

43. What do Millennials and the weekend have in common? They both go by too quickly and leave you feeling empty.

44. How do Millennials make a cocktail? With tears from watching 90s cartoons and a splash of overpriced vodka.

45. Why do Millennials always carry a charger? Because they can’t let anything die, except their dreams.

46. How many Millennials does it take to teach a Gen Z? None, Gen Z already googled it.

47. What’s a Millennial’s favorite way to say goodbye? "I’ll text you."

48. Why do Millennials prefer fake plants? Because they can't handle more things dying on them.

49. How does a Millennial apologize? By sending a GIF.

50. Why do Millennials hate revolving doors? They remind them of their job prospects - going around in circles.

51. What’s a Millennial’s favorite horror movie? "House Hunters."

52. Why are Millennials obsessed with the 90s? It’s the last time they could afford rent.

53. How do you surprise a Millennial? With stable career opportunities.

54. Why do Millennials love the idea of being abducted by aliens? Free space travel and a break from Earth’s problems.

55. What’s a Millennial’s favorite childhood memory? Not paying rent.

56. Why do Millennials keep checking their phones at midnight? They’re making sure their youth hasn’t expired.

57. What’s the scariest word for a Millennial? Commitment.

58. How do Millennials prefer their steak? On someone else's plate, they’re probably vegetarians.

59. Why are Millennials like parking meters? They both sit around all day doing nothing and expect you to pay them.

60. What does a Millennial bring to every party? Nostalgia for times they can barely afford to remember.

And so the list goes on, with each joke playfully teasing the lifestyle and digital habits of Millennials through the eyes of their Gen Z successors. This fun and light-hearted exchange highlights the playful banter and mutual recognition of differences that define the relationship between these two connected generations.

Stay tuned and entertained with more lighthearted takes and generational insights at Woke Waves Magazine.

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May 1, 2024

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