Putting out a campfire in Minecraft might seem like a simple task, but it's crucial to know the various methods to do it effectively, depending on your in-game situation and what you have in your inventory. Whether you're settling into a newly crafted base or you're a seasoned explorer on a wilderness trek, ensuring you can safely extinguish a campfire is key to maintaining your build's integrity and preventing unwanted fires. This guide will break down the easiest and most efficient techniques to douse those flames, ensuring your adventures in Minecraft remain safe and your constructions unscathed by accidental fires.

1. Use a Shovel

The simplest and most common method to put out a campfire in Minecraft is to use a shovel. HereÔÇÖs how you do it:

  • Equip a shovel of any material.
  • Right-click (PC), tap (mobile), or press the left trigger (console) on the campfire.
  • The fire will be extinguished immediately, and the campfire will turn into a cool campfire, which can be relit at any time.

2. Pour Water

Water is another quick fix to douse those flames:

  • Grab a bucket of water or find some water nearby.
  • Pour the water directly onto the campfire.
  • The campfire will be extinguished, but remember, the water will spread, so this might not be ideal if you have structures or items nearby that could be affected by water flow.

3. Remove the Fuel Blocks

This method involves a bit more effort but is useful if you want to relocate or completely remove the campfire:

  • Break the blocks under or around the campfire to cut off its support.
  • Once the blocks are removed, the campfire will drop as an item, and you can pick it up and place it elsewhere or store it.

4. Use a Splash Potion of Water

Although not as common, using a splash potion of water can also extinguish a campfire:

  • Craft or obtain a splash potion of water.
  • Throw it directly at the campfire to put out the fire instantly.

5. Cover It Up

If you're in a pinch, you can simply cover the campfire with non-flammable blocks to cut its air supply:

  • Choose a block like dirt or stone.
  • Place the block directly on top of the campfire.
  • The fire will smother and go out, although this is a temporary solution as removing the block will reignite the campfire.

Tips for Managing Campfires

  • Always ensure that your campfire is in a safe area where it canÔÇÖt catch nearby trees or wooden structures on fire.
  • If youÔÇÖre done using a campfire and donÔÇÖt plan to relight it, consider breaking it with a tool to retrieve it and prevent accidental relighting by other players or mobs.

Whether you're settling down after a long day of exploring or just cooking some quick food, knowing how to manage and extinguish your campfire in Minecraft is key to maintaining safety and efficiency in your gameplay. Always remember to handle fire with care in the game, just as you would in real life.

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May 11, 2024

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