s Gen Z continues to redefine the digital landscape, a new wave of food influencers has emerged, reshaping our perceptions of culinary content. Moving away from the traditional, polished "foodie" culture, these young creators are embracing authenticity, entertainment, and diversity. Here's a look at the top 12 Gen Z food influencers you should be following right now:

1. Emily Mariko (@emilymariko) - 11.9M TikTok Followers

Perhaps the most famous Gen Z food influencer, Emily Mariko rose to fame on TikTok for her ASMR-style cooking videos featuring simple, delicious meals. Her signature salmon rice bowl went viral, sparking countless recreations from her millions of fans. Mariko's content is equal parts relaxing and mouthwatering, showcasing her minimalist aesthetic and knack for making even the most basic ingredients look elevated. With her calming presence and impeccable food styling, Mariko has carved out a unique niche in the crowded world of food content, resonating with Gen Z viewers who appreciate her effortless approach to home cooking. Her videos often feature soothing background music and close-up shots that highlight the textures and flavors of her dishes, creating an immersive, sensory experience for her audience.

2. Babydumplingg (@babydumplingg) - 1.2M TikTok Followers

One of Gen Z's favorite types of food content is the "what I eat in a day" video, and Babydumplingg has mastered the format. The NYC-based influencer is known for her videos documenting her massive meals at all-you-can-eat sushi spots, Applebee's, and more. Her unapologetic enjoyment of indulgent foods has resonated with her young audience, who appreciate the refreshing lack of diet culture. Babydumplingg's content stands out for its authenticity and relatability, as she showcases her genuine love of food without any pretense or judgment. Whether she's devouring a towering stack of pancakes or slurping down endless plates of sushi, her infectious enthusiasm and carefree attitude have made her a beloved figure in the Gen Z food community. Her videos offer a welcome contrast to the often-curated world of food influencers, providing a more realistic and relatable perspective on the joys of eating.

3. Chef Reactions (@chefReactions) - 1.6M TikTok Followers

Not all successful food influencers are actually cooking or eating the food themselves. @chefReactions has built a massive following simply by reacting to other creators' questionable food content with his signature sarcastic commentary. His deadpan critiques of bizarre recipes and "food hacks" have struck a chord with viewers looking for an entertaining, no-nonsense take on the world of food. The anonymous chef, whose identity remains a mystery, has developed a distinct persona that blends culinary expertise with a sharp, witty sense of humor. His videos often feature him silently watching in disbelief as other TikTokers attempt to make outlandish dishes, only to interject with a perfectly timed eye roll or exasperated sigh. This unique approach has resonated with Gen Z audiences who appreciate the chef's unapologetic honesty and willingness to call out the more absurd corners of the food content landscape.

4. Keith Lee (@keith_lee) - 11.3M TikTok Followers

Keith Lee is a food review expert taking over TikTok with his honest and humorous hot takes. The Las Vegas-based foodie started sharing reviews in 2021 and quickly went viral, amassing millions of followers with his unfiltered opinions on everything from local food trucks to fast food chains. Lee's charismatic personality and commitment to telling it like it is have made him a Gen Z favorite. Whether he's raving about a delicious burger or roasting a subpar meal, his videos are marked by a refreshing lack of pretense and a genuine passion for good food. Lee's ability to break down the nuances of a dish, from flavor profiles to presentation, has earned him a reputation as a trusted authority in the food review space. His relatable, everyman approach has resonated with young viewers who appreciate his down-to-earth perspective and entertaining delivery.

5. Lynja (@cookingwithlynja) - 15.2M TikTok Followers

Lynja, also known as Lynn Yamada, is one of the biggest food influencers on TikTok. The retired MIT professor found social media fame with her simple, often humorous approach to cooking. Whether she's making bacon, egg and cheese or viral fruit roll-up ice cream sandwiches, Lynja's content stands out for its approachability and relatable energy. Her videos feature a charming, grandmotherly persona that immediately puts viewers at ease, as she guides them through easy-to-follow recipes with a warm, conversational tone. Lynja's success lies in her ability to demystify the cooking process, making it accessible and enjoyable for her Gen Z audience. Her content resonates with young viewers who appreciate the nostalgia and comfort of homemade meals, as well as her genuine enthusiasm for the joys of cooking.

6. Eitan Bernath (@eitanbernath) - 3.6M TikTok Followers

At just 21 years old, Eitan Bernath has already built an impressive culinary empire. The chef, author, and TV personality shares a wide range of food content on TikTok, from easy recipes to cooking challenges and collaborations with other creators. Bernath's youthful enthusiasm and diverse skillset have made him a rising star in the Gen Z food space. His videos showcase his impressive culinary abilities, as he effortlessly whips up everything from gourmet dishes to viral food trends. But what sets Bernath apart is his genuine passion for teaching and inspiring his audience. Whether he's demonstrating a complex technique or sharing a simple weeknight meal, he approaches each video with the same infectious energy and desire to empower his viewers to become better home cooks.

7. Tabitha Brown (@iamtabithabrown) - 4.9M TikTok Followers

Tabitha Brown is a vegan food influencer who has found massive success on TikTok with her warm, positive personality and delicious plant-based recipes. The actress and author's videos often feature her signature catchphrases and motivational messages, resonating with viewers looking for an uplifting food content experience. Brown's content stands out for its focus on the joy and comfort of plant-based eating, rather than strict dietary rules or restrictions. Her approachable, relatable style has made her a beloved figure in the vegan community, as she encourages her audience to explore the vast world of delicious, cruelty-free cuisine. Whether she's whipping up a creamy vegan mac and cheese or sharing her favorite vegan snacks, Brown's infectious enthusiasm and genuine love of food shine through in every video.

8. Caitlin Sakdalan (@caitlinsak) - 1.1M TikTok Followers

Caitlin Sakdalan is a Filipino-American food creator known for her vibrant, flavorful recipes that celebrate her cultural heritage. From homemade lumpia to decadent halo-halo, Sakdalan's content offers a refreshing alternative to the Western-centric food influencer landscape, inspiring her Gen Z audience to explore diverse cuisines. Her videos not only showcase mouthwatering dishes but also provide valuable insights into Filipino culinary traditions and the importance of preserving cultural identity through food. Sakdalan's approachable teaching style and genuine passion for her roots have resonated with young viewers who are increasingly seeking out authentic, diverse food content. By highlighting the rich flavors and traditions of Filipino cuisine, Sakdalan is helping to expand the horizons of her audience and challenge the often Eurocentric perspectives that have dominated the food influencer space.

9. Danielle Coke (@ohhappydani) - 1M Instagram Followers

While not exclusively a food influencer, Danielle Coke's Instagram feed is a feast for the eyes. The artist and designer shares beautifully styled images of her colorful, plant-based meals, often accompanied by thoughtful captions that touch on themes of wellness, community, and social justice. Coke's holistic approach to food has resonated with her Gen Z followers, who appreciate the way she seamlessly integrates her passions for art, design, and social advocacy into her content. Her vibrant, visually striking photos showcase the beauty and creativity of plant-based cooking, while her captions encourage her audience to consider the broader implications of their food choices. Coke's content stands out for its ability to inspire both culinary and personal growth, offering a refreshing perspective on the role of food in a well-rounded, purpose-driven life.

10. Nisha Vora (@rainbowplantlife) - 1M Instagram Followers

Nisha Vora is a vegan food blogger and cookbook author who has built a loyal following on Instagram with her vibrant, veggie-forward recipes. Vora's content stands out for its artistic photography and emphasis on whole, unprocessed ingredients - an approach that aligns with Gen Z's growing interest in plant-based, sustainable eating. Her feed is a visual feast, featuring colorful, meticulously styled images of dishes that showcase the natural beauty of fruits, vegetables, and other plant-based foods. But Vora's content is more than just aesthetically pleasing; it also provides valuable information and inspiration for her audience, as she shares recipes, cooking tips, and insights into the benefits of a plant-based lifestyle. Her holistic, wellness-focused approach to food has resonated with Gen Z viewers who are increasingly conscious of the impact of their dietary choices on their health and the environment.

11. Justine Doiron (@justine_snacks) - 1.1M TikTok Followers

Justine Doiron is a self-proclaimed "snack queen" who has amassed a massive following on TikTok for her creative, indulgent snack recipes. From homemade Flamin' Hot Cheetos to Oreo-stuffed cookies, Doiron's content taps into Gen Z's love of nostalgic, over-the-top treats, while also offering healthier, DIY alternatives to popular junk foods. Her videos are equal parts entertaining and informative, as she guides her audience through the step-by-step process of creating these decadent snacks. Doiron's infectious enthusiasm and relatable personality have made her a standout in the crowded world of food content, as she celebrates the joys of indulgence while also providing her viewers with more nutritious options. Her ability to balance the playful and the practical has resonated with Gen Z audiences who are seeking a more balanced, nuanced approach to snacking and treat-making.

12. Erica Courdae (@ericacourdae) - 123K Instagram Followers

Erica Courdae is a food influencer and entrepreneur who uses her platform to promote diversity, inclusion, and social justice within the culinary industry. Through her Instagram feed and podcast, Courdae shares recipes, food photography, and thought-provoking discussions that resonate with Gen Z's values around representation and ethical consumption. Her content stands out for its focus on amplifying the voices and experiences of marginalized communities in the food space, challenging the often homogeneous and exclusionary nature of the industry. Courdae's approach is both educational and inspirational, as she encourages her audience to consider the broader social and cultural implications of their food choices. By highlighting the work of BIPOC chefs, farmers, and food entrepreneurs, Courdae is helping to reshape the narrative around who gets to be a "foodie" and what that means in the 21st century.

These 12 influencers are at the forefront of a new generation of food content, each bringing their unique flavor to the table. Their authenticity and innovative approaches are not just shaping how food is viewed on social media but are also inspiring a generation to get creative in their culinary pursuits.

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Apr 14, 2024

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