Hey ARMY! Ready for some serious LOL moments? BTS isn't just about amazing music, stunning visuals, and killer dance moves—they've got a sense of humor that makes us love them even more. Here are 50 BTS jokes that’ll have you laughing harder than Jin's dad jokes. Whether you're a seasoned ARMY or a newbie, these jokes are guaranteed to bring a smile to your face.

1-10: Jin's Legendary Dad Jokes

  1. Why did Jin bring a ladder to the concert?
    Because he wanted to reach the high notes!
  2. What did Jin say when he lost his watch?
    "Time to get a new one!"
  3. Why is Jin always calm at concerts?
    Because he knows how to keep his fans in line!
  4. What did Jin do when he saw an alien?
    He said, "Are you here for my worldwide handsome looks?"
  5. Why did Jin go to school?
    To learn how to become a better dad joke teller!
  6. How does Jin organize a space party?
    He planet!
  7. What’s Jin’s favorite type of music?
  8. Why did Jin sit on his watch?
    He wanted to be on time!
  9. What did Jin say to the mirror?
    "Mirror, mirror on the wall, who’s the worldwide handsome of them all?"
  10. Why can’t Jin play hide and seek?
    Because he’s too worldwide handsome to be hidden!

11-20: RM's Wordplay Wonders

  1. Why did RM bring a dictionary to the photoshoot?
    Because he wanted to nail his poses!
  2. How does RM stay so calm?
    He always stays in tune with his rhythm.
  3. Why did RM start a garden?
    Because he wanted to grow his rap roots!
  4. What did RM say when he made a mistake on stage?
    "I guess that’s a Rap-Monster moment!"
  5. Why is RM so good at everything?
    Because he’s always ‘Rap-Motivated’!
  6. How does RM write his songs?
    With a pen-omenal talent!
  7. Why did RM go to space?
    To find his lost dimple!
  8. How does RM organize a bookshelf?
    With rap-tiles!
  9. What did RM say to the reporter?
    "I’m just a regular guy with extraordinary rap talent!"
  10. Why did RM read a book about anti-gravity?
    Because it was impossible to put down!

21-30: Suga’s Subtle Sass

  1. Why does Suga never play cards?
    Because he always lays down the beats!
  2. What’s Suga’s favorite type of candy?
    Anything that’s not too sweet!
  3. Why did Suga bring a broom to the studio?
    To sweep everyone off their feet!
  4. How does Suga deal with stress?
    He gives it a beat-down.
  5. What’s Suga’s secret weapon in the kitchen?
    His ‘yoongi-spatula’!
  6. Why did Suga refuse to climb the mountain?
    Because he already reaches new heights with his music!
  7. How does Suga stay cool in the summer?
    He keeps his ‘Agust D’ personality.
  8. What’s Suga’s favorite drink?
    ‘Mint-yoongi’ tea!
  9. Why did Suga join the gym?
    To flex his ‘Min muscles’!
  10. What did Suga say about his mixtape?
    "It’s pure fire, better grab an extinguisher!"

31-40: J-Hope’s Joyful Jests

  1. Why did J-Hope take a nap during dance practice?
    Because he’s always ‘hope-ing’ for some rest!
  2. What’s J-Hope’s favorite dance move?
    The ‘Sunshine Shuffle’!
  3. Why did J-Hope bring a lamp to the concert?
    To light up the stage with his smile!
  4. How does J-Hope start his day?
    With a ‘J-hopeful’ attitude!
  5. What’s J-Hope’s favorite holiday?
  6. Why did J-Hope buy new shoes?
    Because he’s always stepping up his game!
  7. What’s J-Hope’s secret talent?
    Making everyone smile with his positivity!
  8. Why did J-Hope get a job at the bakery?
    To bring more ‘sunshine buns’ to the world!
  9. How does J-Hope stay so energetic?
    By eating a balanced diet of smiles and laughter!
  10. What did J-Hope say to the mirror every morning?
    "Let’s bring some hope into the world today!"

41-50: Jungkook’s Playful Puns

  1. Why did Jungkook become an artist?
    Because he wanted to draw smiles on everyone’s faces!
  2. What’s Jungkook’s favorite animal?
    A bunny, because they’re cute and energetic like him!
  3. Why did Jungkook get a tattoo?
    To ink-lude more art in his life!
  4. How does Jungkook stay fit?
    By lifting ARMY’s spirits!
  5. What’s Jungkook’s favorite type of exercise?
    ‘Bun-dance’ workout!
  6. Why did Jungkook start a YouTube channel?
    To share his ‘Jung-kook-ing’ adventures!
  7. How does Jungkook relax after a long day?
    By drawing and listening to music.
  8. What did Jungkook say when he saw a ghost?
    "Are you an ARMY too?"
  9. Why does Jungkook love video games?
    Because he’s always game for fun!
  10. How does Jungkook describe his fashion style?
    "It’s Jung-kool!"

Keep shining, ARMY! We hope these BTS jokes brought a smile to your face and a laugh to your day. Remember, being a part of the BTS ARMY is not just about loving the music, but also sharing the joy and humor that BTS brings into our lives. Whether it’s Jin’s dad jokes, RM’s wordplay, or Jungkook’s playful puns, there’s always something to laugh about with our favorite boys. So, keep spreading the love and laughter, and stay connected with more hilarious content and updates from the vibrant world of K-pop and BTS at Woke Waves Magazine.

Stay tuned for more laughs, love, and light from your favorite K-pop idols at Woke Waves Magazine. Keep shining, ARMY!

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Jun 26, 2024

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