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Zoe Chen


The Rise of K-pop in Western Markets: A Cultural Analysis

Explore the cultural explosion of K-pop in Western markets. This analysis delves into fan demographics, influential concerts, and collaborative milestones that have catapulted K-pop to global fame.

10 Eco-Friendly Documentaries That'll Open Your Eyes

Uncover 10 powerful eco-friendly documentaries that shed light on environmental challenges and inspire action for a sustainable future.

Factfulness and Optimism: Gen Z's Fresh Take on Global Progress

Discover how Gen Z's embrace of "factfulness" fuels their optimism about the world, offering a hopeful perspective based on data and real-world progress.

The Rise of the "Passion Economy": How Gen Z is Monetizing Their Hobbies and Interests

Explore how Gen Z is transforming hobbies into income through the passion economy, leveraging digital platforms to create fulfilling, value-aligned careers outside traditional corporate paths.

Top 14 Thrifting Apps for Eco-Conscious Gen Z Shoppers

Discover the top 14 thrifting and resale apps that are revolutionizing sustainable shopping for Gen Z. From luxury consignments to vintage finds, these platforms offer eco-friendly and affordable fashion choices.

Gen Z and the Political Shifts in Universities: Is Extreme Leftism an Issue?

Explore how the rise of progressive ideologies in universities is impacting campus culture, pushing some conservative students to strengthen their right-leaning views, leading to increased political polarization among Gen Z.

Top 15 Asian Celebrities Dominating Hollywood Today

Discover the top 15 Asian celebrities who have successfully crossed over to the U.S. entertainment scene, from cinema to television and music, reshaping the industry with their diverse talents.

The 10 Most Visually Stunning Anime Films

Dive into the world of animation with our top picks for the 10 most visually stunning anime films ever made. From breathtaking landscapes to revolutionary animation techniques, these films are a must-watch for any anime enthusiast.