As the fastest-growing sport in the United States, pickleball has captivated enthusiasts throughout the Big Apple with its engaging blend of social interaction, low-impact exercise, and competitive spirit. Across New York City and its surrounding areas, pickleball courts are teeming with activity, drawing both seasoned pros and beginners eager to join the fun. HereÔÇÖs your guide to some of the top pickleball destinations in and around New York.

New York City's Premier Pickleball Hubs

In the bustling heart of New York City, new pickleball courts are springing up in parks and public spaces across all five boroughs. One of the city's favorite spots is James J. Walker Park in Manhattan, which welcomed two new pickleball courts in 2022 to accommodate the growing demand. Although these courts do not feature permanent nets, players often bring portable setups to enjoy a game.

Just a short distance away, Carl Schurz Park offers additional courts, though players should coordinate with the park for access to nets. For those looking for a bit more competition, the William F. Passannante Ball Field in the West Village is an excellent choice, boasting six taped courts on a smooth asphalt surface.

Heading over to Queens, Astoria Park emerges as a vibrant pickleball hub with clearly marked court lines. Players are encouraged to bring their own nets or participate in organized play sessions. In Brooklyn, the scenic Pier 2 in Brooklyn Bridge Park offers an ideal setting for pickleball, with four covered courts that include nets and lighting.

Top Places to Play Pickleball in New York City

  1. James J. Walker Park (Manhattan)
  2. Carl Schurz Park (Manhattan)
  3. William F. Passannante Ball Field (Manhattan)
  4. Astoria Park (Queens)
  5. Pier 2 Pickleball (Brooklyn)
  6. Leif Ericson Park (Brooklyn)
  7. Marine Park (Brooklyn)
  8. Kaiser Park (Brooklyn)
  9. John J. Carty Pickleball Courts (Brooklyn)
  10. Alfred E. Smith Rec Center (Indoor)
  11. Gertrude Ederle Rec Center (Indoor)
  12. Jackie Robinson Rec Center (Indoor)
  13. Highbridge Rec Center (Indoor)
  14. Al Oerter Rec Center (Queens, Indoor)
  15. Lost Battalion Hall Rec Center (Queens, Indoor)
  16. McCarren Play Center (Brooklyn, Indoor)
  17. Saint Johns Rec Center (Brooklyn, Indoor)
  18. Sunset Park Rec Center (Brooklyn, Indoor)

Expanding Beyond the City

The enthusiasm for pickleball stretches well beyond the confines of New York City. In nearby Fairview Park, pickleball players will find three dedicated courts that host an active community of enthusiasts gathering daily. For indoor play, the Staten Island Jewish Community Center offers a gymnasium setting, perfect for continuing the game during inclement weather. Further afield in West Hempstead, Pickleball Plus provides an excellent indoor facility with six courts available for booking.

A Sport for Everyone

What truly makes pickleball appealing is its accessibility. The small court size, lightweight paddles, and wiffle-like ball make it easy for individuals of all ages and skill levels to engage and enjoy. "Pickleball is the perfect blend of social interaction, physical activity, and friendly competition," notes Sarah Goldstein, a local player and enthusiast. "It's no wonder the sport has taken New York by storm."

Additional noteworthy pickleball locations include Leif Ericson Park in Brooklyn, with four dedicated courts, and Randall's Island Park, offering picturesque settings for enthusiasts. Whether you're up for a spirited pickup game or looking to reserve a court for some private play, the opportunities for enjoying pickleball in New York are virtually endless.

So grab your paddle, gather some friends, and dive into the exciting world of pickleball at one of New YorkÔÇÖs many thriving hotspots.

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Apr 17, 2024

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